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Wallwork Nature Reserve

Ontario Nature’s most northern nature reserve is part of the Jocko Bay Provincially Significant Wetland. The 40-hectare property, located on St. Joseph Island southeast of Sault Ste. Marie, consists mostly of cedar swamp and marsh. Swamp thickets of alder and dogwood, a treed knoll, abandoned field and a treed fen are also found on the reserve. The entire property was logged before the Sault Field Naturalists (now the Sault Naturalists’ Club of Ontario and Michigan) purchased the property in 1968, but good stands of cedar have grown back on the property's western section and its natural restoration process continues since becoming protected.

A number of northern orchid species can be found on the property, including dragon’s mouth, heartleaf twayblade and green adder's-mouth. Rattlesnake plantain can be found on the drier ground of the wooded knoll. Typical northern bird species, such as black-throated green warbler, can be seen on the reserve. Small mammals include beavers, muskrats and mink – all of which are abundant.

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It is best to contact the Sault Naturalists’ Club of Ontario and Michigan before heading to the reserve as the property is not marked and there are no formal trails. The property is not easily accessible. In spring, it is virtually underwater and throughout the year the old logging roads that are used as trails are soggy at best.

Photos of the Nature Reserve

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