Missy Mandel

Biodiversity Offsetting

In July 2013, Ontario Nature initiated a project on biodiversity offsetting, with the generous support of the Metcalf Foundation. Biodiversity offsetting engages developers in compensating for the damage resulting from development projects. The offset involves a transaction between developers (seeking to compensate for destroying or damaging elements of biodiversity, such as species and their habitats) and offset providers, including landowners, farmers, conservation organizations and First Nations communities, that are able to restore, create and manage habitat for species elsewhere.
Our primary goal has been to ensure that as biodiversity offsetting moves forward in Ontario, it truly benefits the natural world. Through discussions with conservationists, farmers, industry leaders, environmental consultants, land use planners, academics, government staff and Aboriginal people, we have aimed to enhance our collective understanding of both the risks and the benefits so that these can be accounted for adequately in biodiversity offsetting projects and policy.


For more information about Ontario Nature’s biodiversity offsetting project, please contact Sarah Hedges at

This project is generously supported by:

Metcalf Foundation

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