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Hay Marsh Nature Reserve

Located on St. Joseph Island along the St. Mary's River, the 40-hectare Hay Marsh Nature Reserve protects a precious piece of Great Lakes shoreline. The reserve is part of the Hay Marsh wetland, a provincially significant coastal wetland composed of fen, swamp and marsh.

Wood duck CREDIT: Andrew Park

The property donor, John Kerastas, enjoyed many summers fishing and hiking in northern Ontario's bush, and wanted to see Hay Marsh protected. “Just as I enjoyed the Canadian wilderness,” says Kerastas, “so too should future generations have that privilege.”

Ontario Nature’s Hay Marsh Nature Reserve is composed primarily of mixed swamp with a marsh along the shoreline of the St. Mary's River. In the fall, the tamarack trees blaze in golden hues, while the black ash, sugar maple and poplar trees complete the autumn colour spectrum. Shallow marshes of cattail and thickets of alder and bulrush extend along the river's edge. The nature reserve is an important stopover for migrating waterfowl, as well as a fine habitat for spawning fish.

The federal wildlife sanctuary at Fort St. Joseph is nearby, as is Ontario Nature's Wallwork Nature Reserve. 

Hay Marsh Nature Reserve is virtually inaccessible by land, and it is difficult to land a boat on the shoreline. Please contact Ontario Nature at if you are interested in knowing more about this property.

For more information about the Hay Marsh Nature Reserve, please click here.

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