Grey-Bruce Greenway

Bruce County
Bruce County

The Grey-Bruce Greenway initiative is a partnership of farm and community organizations that promote conservation and good stewardship on a voluntary basis in Grey and Bruce counties.

This initiative began with a series of presentations delivered by Ontario Nature to a variety of groups in the two counties that are involved with stewardship and nature conservation. It has evolved into a loose partnership of interested parties.

To see our vision of what a Greenway for Grey and Bruce counties would look like, please select from the links below.

For Grey County, click here.

For Bruce County North, click here.

For Bruce County South, click here.


Who plays a part?

The group is an inclusive mix of more than 30 farm, conservation and community organizations.

The steering committee includes representatives from:

What is the purpose of the Grey-Bruce Greenway?

The purpose of the partnership is to enhance the rich natural heritage in the area through an interconnected network of farmland, woodlands, wetlands and other natural areas. The groups work together to maintain the ecological conditions that are necessary for people and native species to flourish.

What does it do?

With Ontario Nature providing logistical support, participation in this community-driven initiative is optional both for farm and community organizations and for individual landowners. Participants set goals and determine the appropriate means to achieve them. Local knowledge provides the basis for the discussions.

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