Frontenac Arch Greenway

Frontenac Arch GreenwayWhat is the Frontenac Arch Greenway?

The Frontenac Arch is an extension of the Canadian Shield that links Algonquin Provincial Park to the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. This area is rich in biodiversity in a relatively undisturbed landscape. As a result, there are many opportunities for conservation in this area.

Who plays a part?

Ontario Nature is working in this area through a large network of like-minded groups and individuals. Our partners include:

Our work in this area has included the Integrated Land Management (ILM) Project: Sustaining What We Value, led by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest and the Thousand Islands National Park.

What is the purpose of the Frontenac Arch Greenway?

Our work in eastern Ontario is based on the principles of the Greenway Program. Our main goal is to protect and maintain existing natural cores and corridors.

The focus of the ILM project is to ensure that the community plays a key role in protecting the natural landscape. The ultimate goal is the creation of a tool for land use planners working on local, municipal and regional levels. The groups involved are working hard to ensure that the tool is shaped by the values of the community.

As a result, outreach and communication are central to the process, so the group is working to figure out which areas and features within the region are valued by many members of the community as important. These areas will be included on a map and integrated into a reference tool that planners will be able to use to evaluate development applications.

What does it do?

This tool will allow planners to make decisions that reflect the values of their community, particularly in terms of the potential impact developments might have on the natural heritage system.

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