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First Nation Community Perspective Sharing Factsheets

Ontario Nature strives to learn more about northern lands and waters from First Nations who live there. We recognize and respect that First Nations have unique rights when it comes to lands and resources in Canada. In 2007, we developed community information sheets to share our perspective on land use planning with northern First Nation communities. We believe that land use planning is an opportunity for communities to define a vision for their traditional lands, and to decide which lands should be set aside from industrial development. The key benefits we see associated with community-led land use planning are that:

  • Communities benefit from land use decisions
  • Individuals, communities, advocacy groups and industrial interests can have a dialogue on lands and resource issues
  • Direction from First Nations and the Governments of Ontario/Canada can include recommendations for the avoidance and resolution of conflicts
  • Communities can evaluate development proposals, and timing and location of development
  • Certainty promotes investment and economic stability

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