The Boreal Forest: Ontario's Songbird Nursery

Canada Warbler
Canada Warbler

Many of the colourful little birds that you see in your local park or at your backyard bird feeder have a story to tell that may surprise you. They are on their way to, or returning from, one of the Earth's most important natural areas: the boreal forest.

The boreal forest is the single most important breeding ground for birds in Canada. It is estimated that 300 species and 2 billion individual birds breed in the boreal forest before migrating south. As Ontario is at the heart of the nation's boreal forest, it is Ontario's songbird nursery.

Canada's boreal forest is home to:

  • 1.6 billion land birds, including songbirds
  • 7 million shorebirds
  • 14 million waterfowl

As you enjoy watching warblers, woodpeckers, wrens and other boreal forest migrants, remember that their future depends upon a healthy, intact boreal forest ecosystem. If action isn't taken to protect Ontario's northern boreal region, this incredibly rich songbird nursery will be damaged forever.

For more information about boreal forest songbirds, visit the Boreal Songbird Initiative website at

Ontario Nature works in partnership with the Canadian Boreal Initiative. We also thank the Ivey Foundation for their financial support.

For more information on boreal songbirds, click on these links:

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