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The bobolink and the eastern meadowlark are two grassland birds listed as threatened in Ontario. For habitat they rely in large part on the hayfields and pastures created and maintained by farmers in southern Ontario, though they are also found as far north as Timmins and Fort Frances. Both species are suffering significant and ongoing population declines, likely driven by factors such as the loss of breeding habitat, and the loss of nests and young when hayfields are cut during the nesting season.

Ontario Nature helped to draft the newly released recovery strategy for bobolink and meadowlark.

We are also a member of the Bobolink Round Table, a multi-stakeholder group appointed by the Ontario government to recommend practical solutions to support the recovery of bobolink and eastern meadowlark while addressing the needs of farmers. The Couchiching Conservancy, a Round Table member, has produced these helpful guidelines to managing hayfields and pasture for grassland birds.

Our Ontario Nature publication, Birds on the Farm, provides helpful tips on land management practices that help to conserve bobolink and other farmland birds.

To learn more, please e-mail Anne Bell, director of conservation and education, at


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