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Capital Gains Tax Removed From Donations of Securities and Ecological Gifts

Exciting new charitable tax breaks announced in 2006 Federal Budget

The Federal Budget, delivered on May 2, 2006 proposes to exempt donations of publicly listed securities to public charities from capital gains tax, effective immediately.

Since 1997, capital gains on donations of listed securities to public charities have been subject to an inclusion rate that is one-half the normal inclusion rate, or 25%. However, with the new budget changes announced in May, donations of publicly traded securities to public charities will now be exempt from capital gains tax. If you donate shares to Ontario Nature, you will also receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.

To encourage more Canadians to make ecogifts, this budget also proposes to exempt donations of ecologically sensitive land under the Ecogifts program from capital gains tax, effective immediately. Through the Ecogifts program, Canadian landowners may donate ecologically sensitive land, or easements and covenants on such land, to conservation charities to ensure its preservation in perpetuity.

For more information regarding about making a gift of stock or about the Ecogifts program right now please email us at, or phone us at 1 800-440-2355 or (416) 444-8419.

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