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Ontario’s Endangered Species Act failing to protect at-risk species after 10 years of implementation: report 2017-12-12

Join a local Christmas Bird Count this holiday season! 2017-12-07

Environmental groups back in court as government, industry make second attempt to kill pesticide case 2017-11-15

New maps highlight ongoing habitat destruction in threatened caribou ranges 2017-10-31

A willful blindness: The Government of Ontario is failing our endangered species 2017-10-24

Statement by Environmental Defence’s Tim Gray and Ontario Nature’s Anne Bell on the upcoming announcement finalizing the Rouge National Urban Park land transfer 2017-10-20

New citizen science project asks Canadians to track milkweed as part of monarch butterfly habitat 2017-10-12


Canadian provinces, territories miss crucial deadline for caribou protection 2017-10-06

Ontario Trillium Foundation Supports Youth Action for Pollinators 2017-09-22

Celebrating Simcoe County's Natural Heritage An evening with environmental trailblazers 2017-09-21

Celebrating Ontario’s Youth Voice for Pollinators 2017-09-20

Ontario Trillium Foundation makes significant investment in environmental conservation on farms and ranches. 2017-09-19

Celebrating Simcoe County's Natural Heritage - An evening with environmental trailblazers 2017-09-14

Fall is for the birds 2017-09-12

Judge orders a hearing of environmental groups’ pesticide case 2017-07-17

Large gaps in Simcoe County’s new natural and agricultural system protection 2017-07-11

Province maps out new nature and farm protection for the Greater Golden Horseshoe 2017-07-06

Environmental groups back in court over pollinator-killing pesticides 2017-07-05

Protecting Rouge National Park requires a new Management Plan 2017-06-16

Ontario Nature awards conservation heroes 2017-06-05

The Province’s coordinated land use review is on the right track, but questions remain 2017-05-18

Celebrating 15 years of protection with the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan anniversary 2017-04-24

Stratford becomes Ontario’s second Bee City 2017-04-11

Ontario decision to end hunt of at-risk snapping turtle is a necessary move 2017-04-03

Growth Plan Loopholes Allow Sprawl in Rural Communities 2017-03-09

Federal Rouge Park Act Could Be Great 2017-02-22

Canadian environment ministers must protect caribou habitat 2017-02-20

Ontario Government proposes continued hunt of at-risk snapping turtles 2017-01-24

Environmental groups seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada in endangered species case 2016-12-19

Join a local Christmas Bird Count! 2016-12-07

Federal government's National Rouge Park promises hang in the balance 2016-11-24

Conservation organizations call for end to delays in implementing recovery actions for endangered American Eel 2016-08-22

Environmental groups head to court over pollinator-killing pesticides 2016-07-06

Statement by Environmental Defence, David Suzuki Foundation and Ontario Nature on the amended Rouge National Urban Park Act tabled today in Ottawa 2016-06-09

Ontario Nature awarded conservation heroes 2016-06-06

Ontario Nature celebrates 85 years of protecting wild species and spaces 2016-06-02

Province announces strong intentions for Greater Golden Horseshoe: Strong follow-through now needed 2016-05-10

Fate of Ontario’s endangered plants and animals hangs in balance 2016-04-18

Slither and hop into spring 2016-04-11

Province heeds science in commendable wolf and coyote hunt decision 2016-04-05

To Sprawl or Not to Sprawl? Saving Ontario's Greenbelt 2016-03-16

Take the challenge: Keep cats safe & save bird lives 2016-02-29

Cornerstone Standards Council Presents the World's First Responsible Quarry Certificate 2016-02-23

Crombie report hits the mark: Protect Ontario’s most vulnerable water resources 2015-12-07

Groups demand Minister of Environment halt proposal to remove protection for migratory birds 2015-12-01

Join a local Christmas Bird Count! 2015-11-26

Groups Call on Province to Grow the Greenbelt, Protect Water Supplies 2015-11-05

Feds urged to protect wild bees 2015-09-17

Environmental groups win right to appeal endangered species decision 2015-09-14

Ontario Master Naturalist Program announces Fall Workshop schedule 2015-08-12

White Pines Wind Project Decision Harmful to Birds and Bats 2015-07-22

Gladys and Cliff recognized as 'guardians and ambassadors' 2015-07-10

ROM leads massive citizen-science campaign to document all plants, animals and fungi on June 13-14 in the Don River Watershed 2015-06-11

Historic day for pollinators in Ontario: New rules protect bees, birds and butterflies from toxic pesticides 2015-06-09

Statement on Divisional Court ruling on Ontario’s Endangered Species Act 2015-05-29

Conservation heroes win Ontario Nature awards 2015-05-25

A Day on the Grand River 2015-05-22

Discover the great diversity of life in Kinghurst’s ancient forest 2015-05-09

Gathering to protect pollinators 2015-04-17

Doctors, Nurses Ramp-Up Campaign to Ban Neonic Pesticides 2015-03-10

97 per cent support Ontario’s plan to restrict bee-killing pesticides - Close to 50,000 comments submitted during public consultation process 2015-03-05

Groups urge public involvement in review of Oak Ridges Moraine and Greenbelt plans 2015-02-27

New Lakehead - Ontario Nature program to recognize Master Naturalists 2015-02-09

Lakehead to launch Canada’s first Master Naturalist program 2015-02-03

A park in name only: New legislation to establish Canada’s first urban national park misses the mark 2015-01-27

Environmental groups in court to challenge regulation that guts Ontario’s Endangered Species Act 2015-01-14

Advisory: Ontario Divisional Court to hear court challenge over weakened Endangered Species Act on Jan. 14 & 15 2015-01-13

Join a local Christmas Bird Count! Visit to find one near you 2014-12-08

Bees swarm King Street West on Giving Tuesday 2014-11-27

Naturalists support Province’s plan to restrict neonic pesticides 2014-11-25

Statement by environmental groups urges MPs to reject Rouge National Park legislation 2014-11-18

Celebrate the Marvellous Moraine at Purple Woods on September 28th 2014-09-12

Statement by major environmental groups expresses disappointment in Ottawa’s refusal to fix flawed draft legislation for Rouge Park 2014-09-11

Statement by major environmental groups applauds Ontario’s refusal to transfer Rouge Park lands to Parks Canada until proposed Rouge National Urban Park Act is strengthened. Draft federal legislation is inadequate to protect the park. 2014-09-02

92% in GTA Concerned about “Neonic” Pesticides and Bees 2014-08-19

Making Natural Connections Across Ontario’s Greenbelt 2014-07-30

July 17th event in Claremont encourages public participation in review of Oak Ridges Moraine and Greenbelt Plans 2014-07-16

Eco-heroes walk among us: individuals and groups from across Ontario recognized for leadership in conservation 2014-07-03

ON Nature Fall 2014 2014-07-02

Statement by environmental groups on how Rouge National Park legislation threatens integrity of existing Rouge Park and Ontario Greenbelt lands 2014-06-19

Citizen Scientists Document Life in the Ottawa River Valley 2014-06-11



Join a local Christmas Bird Count! 2013-12-13

Leading environmental groups available for rapid reaction to new special report on at-risk species in Ontario 2013-11-05

Environmental groups sue Ontario government over decision to gut species at risk legislation 2013-09-10

Toronto Celebrates Butterflies at Tommy Thompson Park 2013-08-20

Conservation heroes win Ontario Nature awards 2013-06-12

Ontario Government Abandons Endangered Species 2013-05-31

Growing Good Food Ideas at Queen's Park: Join Ontario Nature and Sustain Ontario for the April 24th Video Launch! 2013-04-17

Sweeping exemptions would leave endangered species sliding toward extinction 2013-04-04

A holiday tradition you can count on! 2012-12-10

Ecojustice, Ontario Nature say Toronto office complex more friendly for migratory birds despite dismissal of charges 2012-11-14

Conservation Program Hosts Workshop 2012-11-13

Toronto Celebrates Butterflies at Tommy Thompson Park 2012-08-20

Ontario Nature Awards Conservation Heroes 2012-06-11

Ontario Nature Celebrates 81 Years of Conservation! 2012-06-07

Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Expands Into Grey and Bruce Counties 2012-06-05

Over 50 organizations speak out against the gutting of environmental laws in Ontario's budget bill 2012-05-10

Young Environmentalists Celebrate Earth Month 2012-04-18

Toronto City Hall Stands Up for Oak Ridges Moraine: Conservation Groups Urge Province to Follow Suit 2012-03-06

Report reveals Ontario snapping turtles in peril; Demands end to hunt 2012-02-21

Greenbelt Wetland Protection Sets Example for Province 2012-02-02

Celebrate World Wetlands Day 2012 2012-02-01

Counting for Conservation! 2011-12-13

Don't ignore the moraine! 2011-11-29

Saving the Oak Ridges Moraine Again 2011-09-12

Experience the beauty of monarch butterflies and watch as they get ready for their migration to Mexico at the Tommy Thompson Park butterfly festival 2011-08-23

Ontario Nature awards conservation heroes 2011-06-13

Ontario Nature Celebrates 80 Years of Conservation 2011-06-03

Ontario Aggregate Forum Collaborates on Industry-Wide Standards and Certification Program 2011-06-01

Ontario Nature Celebrates Earth Month 2011-04-30

Migratory birds case back in court in building death lawsuit 2011-04-07

Legal action continues over bird kills at GTA office complex 2011-04-06

Province fails to protect threatened caribou 2011-01-24

Citizen scientists get out for the Count! The 111th Christmas Bird Count 2010-12-15

Leading conservation groups say wind farm doesn't belong in Important Bird Area 2010-11-22

Monarchs Get Ready For Migration to Mexico 2010-08-21

Biodiversity Nature Day at Springbank Park! 2010-07-17

Ontario Nature's First Annual Youth Summit for Biodiversity with Guest Speaker Dr. Roberta Bondar 2010-05-31

Exploring Our Watersheds 2010-05-21

Media Backgrounder: Legal action launched over bird kills at GTA office complex 2010-03-09

Legal action launched over bird kills at GTA office complex 2010-03-09

Christmas Bird Count 2009/2010 2009-12-14

Species gain new ground under Endangered Species Act 2009-11-19

Ontario's Growing List of Endangered Wildlife 2009-09-17

Ontario adds 10 species to endangered list 2009-09-16

Home, home but no range: Government failing the ABCs of habitat protection 2009-06-10

New Ontario law promises to protect northern Boreal Forest 2009-06-02

Petitioners call on Premiers to protect boreal forest 2009-05-12

Is the government backing down on its commitment to protect endangered species? 2009-03-02

Ontario Nature partners with Transat in support of unique nature reserves 2008-11-10

Ontario Nature Launches New Green Gift Idea 2008-07-30

To All Our Supporters - Ontario's boreal gets much needed protection! 2008-07-18

Ontario Government approves more than 20 exemptions to the new Endangered Species Act 2008-07-03

Letter To The Premier 2008-06-17

Backgrounder to the Proposed Exemptions to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) 2008-06-04

New Endangered Species Act Clinging to Life 2008-05-15

Campaign Lake Simcoe 2008-04-16

First Step in Lake Simcoe Protection 2008-03-28

Eagles soar while Swallows sputter 2008-01-30

Planning in Ontario is all words, no action 2007-12-04

Lake Simcoe Mega-Marina Closer to Reality 2007-06-19

AGM News and Awards 2007-06-08

Endangered Species Act Passes! 2007-05-16

Ontario Passes Best Endangered Species Act in the Country 2007-05-16

The time is now to protect the songbirds of Ontario's boreal forest 2007-04-03

Report reveals ecological crisis in Ontario's Boreal Forest 2007-03-27

Environmental groups set the bar for Ontario political parties 2007-03-18

Groups Assail Ontario Mining Loophole 2006-12-18

Ontario Nature's Position on the Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan 2006-07-08

Last Chance to Save Lake Simcoe? 2006-06-27

New Ontario Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act! 2006-06-26

Capital Gains Tax Removed From Donations of Securities and Ecological Gifts 2006-06-26

Ontario's Endangered Species are at Risk 2006-06-21

Join a local Christmas Bird Count! Visit to find one near you 2000-12-08

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