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MNR Threatening Endangered Species

A proposal made by the Ministry of Natural Resources is putting endangered species in even more danger. The Ontario Endangered Species Act that was implemented in 2007 gave the Ministry of Natural Resources (also known as the MNR) six years to figure out how to protect the habitats of endangered species in the province. Now, instead of protecting these plants and animals, the MNR has proposed to waive the Actís protection requirements. The Act's goal is to protect species and their habitats, but if the proposal is passed, industries that are to blame for habitat destruction will face less rigorous requirements to protect endangered species. To learn why protecting Ontarioís endangered species is so important, CHRW's Liny Lamberink spoke to Anne Bell, the Director of Conversation and Education at Ontario Nature.

"Biodiversity is the very fabric of life, and the more we are able to retain that, the more resilient our society and our environment will be. It's like a beautiful tapestry, and once you start to unravel that thread, the quality and the strength of that tapestry are degraded. Obviously, various life forms deserve to be respected for their own sake, but many of them are fundamental to our economic livelihood."

However, the decision hasnít been made yet and the public can do something to protect these species. The choice will be made by members of Cabinet, so Bell suggests that people express concern to their MPPs.

"We are globally in the midst of a biodiversity crisis, and we're experiencing that in Canada and Ontario as it's being experienced elsewhere in the world. We need to pay attention, we can't continually say that we are unable to do what we need to do to protect the diversity of life, and if we're not able to protect it, then people are going to suffer."

To learn more about what is exactly being proposed, check out

To listen to Dr. Anne Bell's interview, please click here and then select "Play ->-> Endangered Species News Segment."

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