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It is not too late to stop proposed quarry

The Sun Times

Letter to the Editor

By Nancy Shouldice

I belong to a coalition that opposes the expansion of the Keppel Quarry.

This coalition consists of individuals and organizations some of which are PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land), Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment (CONE), Ontario Nature, Owen Sound Field Naturalists (OSFN), Bruce Peninsula Environmental Group (BPEG), Saugeen Field Naturalists (SFN), the Grey Association for Better Planning (GABP) and Saugeen Ojibwa Nations (SON).

The proposed quarry plans to blast, mine and crush an estimated 30.8 million tonnes of rock from a licensed 219.6 acres adjacent to provincially significant wetlands and two separate Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (Mud Creek Escarpment and the Shouldice Forest).

This endeavour will pump up to 5.25 million litres of groundwater a day out of the quarry and discharge water into the provincially significant wetlands.

This special place is a major piece of Grey County's natural landscape. Half of the Hart's tongue fern in the world lives in Grey County and half of that lives in that special forest.

Last week, Grey County crews were given orders to remove signs our group had posted.

This move was preceded by a "telephone complaint" received at the county office that morning. Our messages were posted on private lands, measuring 55' from the centreline on County Road 170. Most certainly private property. An elderly lady had her sign taken which was posted 68' from the centre line. She saw the worker, requested he stop and was ignored and her sign carried away.

These employees were simply doing their job, doing what they had been asked to do and they do a good job.

We were targeted. Later the same day, the road supervisor delivered some signs to my home with a sincere apology.

The County of Grey should not be allowing itself to be manipulated. This latest attempt at stifling our freedom of speech goes well beyond the acceptable. The County of Grey stands to benefit financially from tipping fees received from this proposed quarry, yet it remains in a position of obvious conflict.

I would encourage the county to maintain a moral high ground, to represent all people with integrity, dignity and respect. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms clearly defines the rights of Canadians . . . and that includes those of us living in Georgian Bluffs.

It's time to think beyond the dollar.

It's time to be represented by our elected officials with integrity.

I choose to believe in that process and the good people that have been elected to represent us.

The Keppel quarry expansion has not been approved yet.

It is not too late. Get on board folks.

The signs are back up and available to anyone wishing to pick one up in Owen Sound at the GingerPress Book Store.

To learn more go to nokeppelquarryexpansion@ comcast. net. Attend the pre-hearing conference Dec. 1 at the township office at 10:30 a. m.

Call the Niagara Escarpment Commission and support them while they are making difficult decisions.

It is not too late.

At this special time of Remembrance, let us reflect on what our forefathers fought for.

Let us reflect on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Those freedoms were not easily earned and should not be taken for granted by any of us.

Nancy Shouldice Taxpayer Georgian Bluffs

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