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Friends of Mashkinonje

Town: Monetville

Ontario Nature Region: Northern - East

The Friends of Mashkinonje is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to:

  • carrying out environmental protection and preservation, education, recreation and interpretive programs relating to the natural, scientific, historic and cultural resources of the park.
  • developing programs which will further awareness, understanding and appreciation of the park's natural, historic and cultural resources.

In 1963 the Province of Ontario designated a Provincial Park (Mashkinonje) on the west arm of Lake Nipissing. However the park was never developed and remains quite pristine. The name Mashkinonje (translated Muskellunge) is a Native word meaning great fish. The 'Musky', a solitary hunter, is prized for it's fighting spirit.

In mid 1998, a group of local citizens and the Sudbury East Board of Trade took the initiative to explore potential uses for the park. Our park falls under the administrative wing of the Killarney Provincial Park. Ontario's Living Legacy (OLL) land use strategy has recommended park additions including the Loudon Peatlands and Muskrat Creek which have been identified as provincially significant wetlands. The peatlands are truly unique and different from what most everyone has ever seen. The addition doubled the size of the park to over 2,000 hectares. The park now runs between the west arm and the west bay of Lake Nipissing, with half of its perimeter along the lake. Blessed with rocky shores, fascinating wetlands, fens and peatbogs, the area has attracted an abundance of wildlife including extraordinary bird watching.

A life science inventory of the park was carried out in 1998-99. To date over 300 species of plants and trees have been identified, including two carnivorous plants, the pitcher plant and sundew, wetland plants, bog rosemary, Labrador tea, four types of cottongrass, two types of cranberries and wild rice; beautiful flowers, pink lady's slipper, northern blue flag and wild columbine. A variety of animals have been observed, including beaver, southern bog lemmings, ermine, mink, otter, moose and deer. Bird sightings have been very promising and include ducks, sandhill cranes, blue heron, trumpeter swans and bald eagles. Two great-blue heron rookeries and sandhill crane nesting sites have been identified in the park.

The park will be an excellent destination for those seeking the finest in eco-tourism experiences. A park management planning process is now underway which will permit us to undertake some new developments to enhance visitation of the park. If you would like to be on the mailing list for the planning process please contact:

Friends of Mashkinonje,
Site 8, Box 1, 99 Langs Landing,
Monetville, ON P0M 2K0

It is the group's plan to develop a trail system through the park, which permit activities such as hiking, birdwatching, interpretive programs, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The Friends of Mashkinonje was incorporated as a charitable corporation in August of 2000. We are now just beginning a labour of love to maintain and share the beauty of this unique area of scenic shorelines and wonderful wetlands.

Visit the Friends of Mashkinonje website for more information.

For more information please contact Ontario Nature at 1-800-440-2366 or


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