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Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation

Town: Collingwood

Ontario Nature Region: Huronia

Two landowner meetings in 1994 led to the creation of Ontario's first watershed trust, the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation (BMWTF). A volunteer run charity, BMWTF's focus is the preservation and enhancement of the Blue Mountain Watershed ecosystem, which they accomplish through a variety of activities. Along with providing environmental expertise to developers and environmental agencies and reviewing Permits to Take Water applications in the watershed, they also promote social and environmental justice issues through the "Be the Change" film series, they present in partnership with "Elephant Thoughts" Educational Outreach.

The Blue Mountain Watershed boasts a unique and diverse natural environment supporting a wide array of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. It is also the source for the Amabel Aquifer which supplies the surrounding area and southern centres with drinking water. Because of its social, economic and ecological value, the BMWTF is committed to ensuring the continued environmental health and integrity of the Blue Mountain watershed.

Visit the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust website for more information.

For more information please contact Ontario Nature at 1-800-440-2366 or


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