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Carolinian Canada Coalition

Town: London

Ontario Nature Region: Carolinian West

Carolinian Canada Coalition - Collaborating for a Healthy Ecoregion

Stretching from Toronto to Windsor, the Carolinian life zone of southwestern Ontario is among North America's most vibrant and fragile ecoregions. Carolinian Canada Coalition (CCC), an incorporated non-profit, brings together diverse sectors and all levels of government. All share a vision to cooperatively protect and restore a high quality natural habitat network, green infrastructure that will support thriving wild and human communities in harmony for generations to come.

Carolinian Canada Coalition (CCC) is one of the oldest and strongest ecoregional networks in the country. Since 1984, it has coordinated a joint conservation agenda between government and non-government groups to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of biodiversity protection in southwestern Ontario. The Coalition's work is rooted in cooperative and innovative approaches, acting as an important link between public and private stewardship and between thousands of allies on the ground and federal, provincial and international programs. CCC's Big Picture, a science-based vision for a healthy landscape, has proven to be a highly successful basis for engaging allies from municipalities, agriculture, forestry and many other sectors and has been adopted widely. CCC new strategic plan builds on these partnerships and focuses on networking for stewardship and sustainability, promoting a researched understanding and catalyzing effective action.

Vision and Mandate

  • Protect and restore natural heritage in the Carolinian life zone for healthy, balanced and sustainable landscapes.
  • Collaborate with individuals and groups who care about natural lands to enhance the effectiveness of conservation action in the region.
  • Promote a researched understanding of nature and its critical interdependence with humans.

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Carolinian Canada Coalition
1017 Western Rd.,
London ON N6G 1G5
Fax: 519-913-2449

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