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Friends of the Rouge Watershed

Town: Scarborough

Ontario Nature Region: Lake Ontario North

Friends of the Rouge Watershed (FRW) is an incorporated, community-based, charitable environmental group. FRW works with youth and community to promote healthy communities and healthy ecosystems through environmental awareness, outreach, and actions. Our directors include: teachers; ecologists; environmental science specialists; outdoor education leaders; communication specialists; and volunteers with diverse skills.

By working with community groups, schools, businesses, governments and community leaders, FRW will help to achieve the vision of a healthy Rouge River System from the Oak Ridges Moraine to Lake Ontario. FRW organizes conservation projects that protect and enhance the environment, create jobs for youth, and provide opportunities for volunteers to appreciate, protect, and expand natural areas within the Rouge Park. By contributing environmental expertise and knowledge, FRW encourages an ecosystem-approach to planning that anticipates and avoids environmental damage.

The Rouge River Park and ecosystem will be healthy and beautiful, providing "a sanctuary for nature and the human spiritĚ". Stretching from the Oak Ridges Moraine to Lake Ontario and linked to other green space systems, the Rouge River ecosystem will support healthy forests, wildflower meadows, streams and habitat for diverse flora and fauna, contributing to the complex web of regional and global biodiversity. The protection and restoration of ecosystem health will safeguard human health by sustaining the processes that naturally protect the quality of our air, water, land, and food. We envision, and strive for, healthy communities living within healthy ecosystems.

For more information, visit the Friends of the Rouge Watershed website. Alternatively, you can contact Colin O'Neill, Restoration Field Projects Coordinator by phone: (416) 208-0252 or email:

For more information please contact Ontario Nature at 1-800-440-2366 or


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