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North American Native Plant Society

Town: Canada

Ontario Nature Region: Provincial Partner

The North American Native Plant Society (NANPS) is dedicated to the study, conservation, cultivation and restoration of native plants. NANPS was founded in 1984 by a small group of dedicated conservationists as the Canadian Wildflower Society. It has since grown to include hundreds of members throughout North America.

One of the first initiatives was the founding and fostering of North America's foremost native plant magazine: Wildflower. Although the magazine now operates independently, it remains one of the Societies proudest accomplishments.

Widespread disturbances of natural areas have resulted in drastic reductions of native plant populations. The natural areas that do remain are increasingly degraded by invasive alien species such as purple loosestrife, garlic mustard, and buckthorn. Exotic species such as dandelion and Queen Anne's lace, have overtaken the diverse landscapes of native wildflowers to such an extent that many people believe them to be native. The goal of NANPS is to reverse this trend. Through education and information NANPS aims to inspire an appreciation of North America's native plants - aiding the restoration of healthy ecosystems across the continent.

Visit the North American Native Plant Society website for more information.

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