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Fatal Light Awareness Program

Town: Ontario

Ontario Nature Region: Provincial Partner

The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), a registered charity, was formed in April 1993 to find a solution to bird collisions with tall structures. During migration seasons, FLAP volunteers patrol Toronto's downtown core in the early morning hours to rescue live birds and collect the dead ones. Volunteers use nylon nets to help capture confused birds. Paper bags provide an easy means of transport, and give each bird a warm, dark place in which to recuperate before being set free. After quickly determining the species and examining each bird for injuries, a volunteer will place the bird inside a paper bag, making sure it stays upright. Within a few hours, if there is no sign of injury, the bird will be released in a natural area well beyond the downtown core.

But even more important is the other role of FLAP: to publicize the problem and get tower staff, cleaning crews, security and management to turn off the lights. For its conservation work FLAP has received a great deal of media attention, most notably coverage on CBC's The Nature of Things. As awareness of the problem grows, FLAP plans to work with concerned groups in other cities to form similar organizations throughout North America, even around the world.

Visit the Fatal Light Awareness Program website for more information.

For more information please contact Ontario Nature at 1-800-440-2366 or


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