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Let’s Support Ontario’s Wild Pollinators


Brown-belted bumblebee; Credit: Diana Troya

For most of us, the word ‘pollinator’ brings to mind non-native honeybees. Wild pollinators, however, are the most widespread and numerous of all pollinators. This includes native wild bees, wasps, flies, ants, butterflies, moths and certain beetles, birds and bats.

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Betrayed! (again) Ontario unravels protections for species at risk


Spiny softshell turtle, CREDIT: Scott Gillingwater

Part 2 of a 3 part blog series about the Province’s failure to uphold strong protections for our most vulnerable plants and animals.

What moves more slowly than a turtle? The Ontario government when it comes to producing a recovery strategy for the spiny softshell. This threatened turtle is one of over 40 at-risk species for which recovery strategies have long been delayed, in breach of legal requirements.

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The last of the least bittern?

Least bittern credit: Craig Kempf

Least bittern credit: Craig Kempf

The first time I saw a male bobolink, I was stuck by the bird’s coloring: a sleek black face and shiny bill with a lemony yellow nape and a glistening white back. A rock star of a bird. I watched its undulating flight pattern and delighted every time the bobolink landed on the top of a low bush. The whimsical, bubbling song amused me, even though I couldn’t quite detect a melody. In any event, I was smitten.

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