Ontario BioBlitz

Ontario BioBlitz 2013 Noah Cole

Ontario BioBlitz

The goal of the Ontario BioBlitz is to document all life across the province while educating Ontarians about the importance of our biological diversity.

Working alongside scientists, field naturalists and other members of the public, participants identify and record all animal and plant species over a 24-hour period.

To learn more about the BioBlitzes happening around Ontario, click here.


The Ontario BioBlitz was the brain child of Ontario Nature, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the Toronto Zoo and Rouge Park. With Ontario’s population becoming increasingly urbanized and “plugged in,” there is a clear need for hands-on outdoor activities that celebrate the wonder and variety of our province’s nature while inspiring participants to become champions for our wild species and wild spaces.

The Ontario BioBlitz attracts participants from all walks of life.

A brief history of BioBlitzes

The term “BioBlitz” was coined in 1996 by a U.S. National Park Service naturalist, and popularized by renowned Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson. A traditional BioBlitz involves a 24-hour period of intense field study to record all life within a designated area. Scientists, naturalists and public volunteers collect data. The event often has a festival atmosphere that encourages meaningful interaction between working biologists and inquisitive volunteers.

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