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Dear fellow nature lover, 

As you may have read yesterday, the Supreme Court denied our leave application for the Endangered Species Act case. Although at the end of the line with the courts, we will not give up. Together we will continue to take action for our wild species and spaces, and share our love of nature with others. And there are many ways to do so right at your fingertips. Read on for how you can enjoy the wonder of our province and beyond with Ontario Nature this summer!

Don’t miss our 86th Annual Gathering

You have five days left to register for our 86th Annual Gathering! Join us for a weekend of exploring nature, and connecting with fellow nature lovers June 2-4 at Kempenfelt Conference Centre on Lake Simcoe. Students, families, members and friends are all welcome! Book your spot now to hear inspiring speakers, take part in expert-led nature workshops and guided field trips. Click here or contact Jaklynn Nimec to learn more about this celebration of another incredible year protecting wild species and wild spaces in Ontario. Registration closes May 8th. We'd love for you to join us!

An end to the snapping turtle hunt

Together with members, supporters, member groups and partners, Ontario Nature has spent years trying to convince the Government of Ontario to end the hunting of snapping turtles, a species at risk. And the government listened – finally! On March 31st the government announced its decision to terminate the hunt. With irrefutable scientific evidence that snapping turtles cannot be sustainably hunted – this was the only correct decision. We are grateful for everyone who signed petitions and tirelessly spread the word about this issue. Thank you! 


Stop the sprawl! 

The Government of Ontario is about to make final decisions on the updated Oak Ridges Moraine, Greenbelt, Niagara Escarpment and Growth plans. The government has a big choice to make: protect water sources, sensitive natural areas and farmland in and around the Greenbelt or allow developers to pave over these areas for years to come. These plans are under threat from developers and we need your help to urge the Premier to stop sprawl for good! Raise your voice today and sign the petition to help stop the sprawl. So far, our supporters have sent 2,700 letters speaking up for nature. Please help us reach 3,000!

Stratford has bee-come a Bee City  

Thanks to the efforts of Ethan Elliott, a grade 10 student and member of Ontario Nature’s Youth Council, Stratford has become Ontario’s newest ‘Bee City.’ Becoming a Bee City means a greater commitment for pollinator protection and awareness. Toronto became Canada’s first Bee City last spring, and four other communities across the country have joined since. As part of their ongoing campaign to protect pollinators, the Youth Council decided to approach schools and municipalities about Bee City Canada’s declaration programs. Congratulations Ethan and the City of Stratford – and good luck to the Youth Council on this inspiring work.

  Discover Jamaica with Ontario Nature

Join us for an adventure in Jamaica this November 20-28 with Quest Nature Tours! Jamaica is an ideal destination to discover the flora and fauna of the tropical Americas. As a Caribbean island, it has its own special flavour punctuated by many endemic species found nowhere else. Expect to encounter many North American breeding songbirds, endemic plants and various reptiles and frogs as well. Caroline Schultz, Ontario Nature’s executive director and Ann Haynes-Sutton, a conservation ecologist who has spent her working life in Jamaica, will be the tour leaders. Join us for this special small group tour that promises an intimate and eye-opening view of this Caribbean gem. Space is limited so book now!

  Coming up: Our Special Spaces events

Join Ontario Nature’s Youth Council for the 2017 Our Special Spaces events! You can help create habitat for wild pollinators through a series of plantings this spring in your community. Last year, thanks to hundreds of volunteers nearly 2,000 native wildflowers, shrubs and trees were planted to help create healthy homes for pollinators. Click here to find an event near you. Don’t forget to check back for more plantings as they’re added! You can also find other activities this summer on our Ontario Nature events calendar and interesting conservation volunteer opportunities in our Directory of Ontario Citizen Science.   

Spring migration takes flight

When our beloved birds return to Ontario during spring migration, it’s a beautiful sight. Tiny, colourful songbirds like yellow warblers and barn swallows fly through the sky to settle for the season. Thousands of bird lovers flock to popular migration spots to see this wonder of nature every spring. However, as these birds return home, they are at risk of colliding with buildings when they mistake reflections of trees, shrubs and sky as the real thing. This is one of the biggest threats to migrating birds, and you can help. Click here to see how you can raise your voice and help protect our migratory birds.



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Images from top to bottom: Noah Cole, Scott Gillingwater, Bill Lishman, Alfred Moya CC BY 2.0, Kevin Konnyu, RickyNJ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0