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This is your special endangered species edition of the Loon Call for the lead up to our Endangered Species Act (ESA) hearing, which is the first time environmental groups have won the right to appeal an endangered species case in Ontario. Read on for how you can get involved!

Appeal to be heard on April 19, 2016

Today we stand ready for the Ontario Court of Appeal to hear our case challenging a lower court ruling that puts already endangered species at further risk of extinction. It has been a hard road, but with the strength of our supporters we have not given up the fight. In 2007, Ontario passed the ESA  then considered the gold standard of law for species protection in North America. In 2013, the Government of Ontario dramatically weakened the ESA through a regulation exempting major industrial activities. Shortly after, we joined forces with Wildlands League to sue the government. Regrettably, in 2015, Ontario’s divisional court upheld the provincial regulation. Not ready to give up, in September 2015 we won the right to appeal. Thank you for all of your support throughout.

Show your love for endangered species

Take action and send an eCard now to ask the government to repeal the Endangered Species Act exemptions that allow major industrial activities – including forestry, mining, energy and residential development – to bypass strict protection standards and harm endangered species. Your eCard will be sent to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Bill Mauro. Please raise your voice for nature.


Failing our fauna

Year-after-year, Jefferson salamanders return to the same seasonal wetlands to breed. Jefferson salamanders travel less than a kilometre from where they were born. However, their journey to the places where they annually breed is fraught with harsh dangers. Jefferson salamanders must cross roads and navigate urban and agricultural developments that have fragmented the forests and wetlands on which this salamander depends for survival. Read our blog to look through the eyes of the Jefferson salamander.

Celebrate 85 years – become a member today!

It’s Ontario Nature's 85th anniversary! For 85 years, nature lovers like you have taken action and won crucial victories for nature in our province. As we celebrate this important milestone and a lifetime of conservation, will you join Ontario Nature and become a member today? Your membership will help tackle urgent environmental priorities including protecting endangered species, calling for an expansion of Ontario’s greenbelt, developing a meaningful wetland strategy and so much more. If you’ve already joined, thank you!

Perfecting the pollinator plan

The Government of Ontario has released its draft Pollinator Health Action Plan and there are only a few days left for you to have your say! Public comments are due by March 7, 2016 (Environmental Registry #012-6393). Ontario Nature welcomes the government’s initiative and supports many elements of the plan. Nevertheless, good intentions and promising ideas are not enough. If the plan is to succeed in sustaining and protecting Ontario’s wild pollinators, it needs to be strengthened in five key respects. Take action today and send a message to encourage the government to develop and implement a robust plan that will protect the health of Ontario’s pollinators for years to come!

The Bruce beckons!

Join us at Ontario Nature’s 85th annual gathering! We will explore local ecological treasures and a great diversity of habitats from June 3-5 at Evergreen Resort, South Bruce Peninsula. Registration will be open soon and you can click here for more information. And don’t forget, nominations for the 2016 Ontario Nature Conservation Awards are due by March 31, 2016.



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Images from top to bottom: Noah Cole, Erwin and Peggy Bauer - USFWS, Dave Huth CC BY-NC 2.0, Noah Cole, Putneypics CC BY 2.0, Joe Crowley