Girl at Cawartha Mulock

Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve

Children and Youth

The Nature Guardians Program

Building a Bird Feeder
Bird Box Building; CREDIT: Lisa Richardson

Education has always been a cornerstone of Ontario Nature. We believe that young people play a special role in protecting and restoring wild species and wild spaces. By learning about the environment around them and taking part in meaningful conservation work, today's youth can have a huge impact on the world around them.

To engage the next generation of conservationists, Ontario Nature provides opportunities through Nature Guardians, an interactive program aimed at kids and teenagers. Our goal is to give young people of diverse backgrounds opportunities to experience and connect with nature.

Have you been looking for fun ways to learn more about nature? Come out to one of our nature reserves for a wildlife survey or to plant native wildflowers.

Looking for an opportunity to get an article or photograph published?
Our Young Naturalist News accepts contributions from kids from all over Ontario.

If you would like to read our Nature Notes for young people, click here.

For information on our 2010 Youth Summit for Biodiversity, click here.

Want to join a Young Naturalist Club or start a club of your own? We can set you up with resources and contacts to get started. Our Junior Naturalists Manual is loaded with tips on how to start a club, ideas for activities, and other resources - you can access it for free online here.

Some of our youth activities include:

  • Providing resources to Young Naturalist Clubs across the province
  • Leading wildlife surveys and conservation volunteering events
  • Providing skills and leadership training for youth
  • Organizing summits and meetings so that youth have a forum for discussing nature and the environment
  • Spreading the word about youth programs in Ontario through our e-newsletter

For more information or to subscribe to our newsletter, please contact us at:

Sarah Hedges, Nature Guardians Coordinator
Tel: 416-444-8419 ext. 241
Fax: 416-444-9866

This Program is made possible by grants from:

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