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Wildlife in Jeopardy Game!

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How much do you know about Ontario’s species at risk? Play our Wildlife in Jeopardy game to test your knowledge and learn more about Ontario Nature’s Endangered Species Act lawsuit against the Government of Ontario.

How to play: Like the popular TV game show, choose your category and respond to the answers in the form of a question. Example – A: This orange and black butterfly depends on milkweed. Q: What is the monarch butterfly?

Work your way through the questions and tally the points for the ones you answer correctly. Compete with friends by sharing the blog and your scores on social media! Don’t forget to tag us: @ontarionature

Learn about our Endangered Species Act lawsuit at: www.ontarionature.org/esa

take_action_buttonAsk the government of Ontario to better protect species at risk and to repeal the exemptions to the Endangered Species Act.

Wildlife in Jeopardy works correctly in most browsers, if it does not load correctly in your browser, please zoom out and refresh the page.

Photo: piping plovers (Endangered)/ credit: Brendan Toews


  1. Ontario Nature

    Please post your score here and spread the word to challenge your friends.

  2. Christine

    I got 260 points!

    This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

  3. David


  4. I only got 120! That is sad! So much to learn!

  5. Katie

    I got 260. Thanks for this, I love testing my trivia knowledge.

  6. Lori

    320 Informative and Fun! Great way to spread the word.

  7. Brenda

    180. Thank you for this fun, challenging, and informative game. It has further motivated me to learn more. It has also awakened in me a call to action: I had no idea that the Ontario Endangered Species Act was being gutted like this (and that there are so many exemptions for various industries). Please let me know about how I could best contribute toward changing these ill-conceived policies. Would a letter to my local MPP help?

  8. Anil

    390! I knew I wasn’t going to get everything right, but when I saw the correct answer for some of those, I was surprised I didn’t get it! Definitely rusty and need to read up more. Fun quiz, thanks!

  9. Diana


  10. Diana

    390 … i first tried opening it on explorer, and only the first column of answers came up .. i couldn’t figure out how people were getting such high scores!
    Very good quiz, great way to educate people and get people interested.
    Good luck with the legal battle in April.

    • Ontario Nature

      Hi Diana,

      That is a wonderful score!! You have a lot of great knowledge about our species at risk!

      At the bottom of the Wildlife in Jeopardy page you will see “Wildlife in Jeopardy works correctly in most browsers, if it does not load correctly in your browser, please zoom out and refresh the page.”

      You may need to hold Ctrl and tap – or + to zoom in or out on your screen, once this is optimally adjusted, hit refresh in Explorer and you should be able to view Wildlife in Jeopardy as it is intended.

      Many thanks, and impressed with your score,

      ON Noah

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