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Tag: World Wetlands Day

Drawing a line to protect the few remaining wetlands in Niagara

wetlands in southern Ontario, credit: Sean Marshall CC BY NC 2.0

A beautiful southern Ontario wetland, credit: Sean Marshall CC BY NC 2.0

Today is World Wetlands Day – celebrated around the globe each year to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands. It is a perfect day to consider the storm that is brewing over wetlands in Niagara.

Wetlands provide critical habitat for wild plants and animals, including more than 20 percent of Ontario’s species at risk. They play a vital role purifying water, controlling floods, reducing erosion and mitigating climate change. These benefits, provided for free, are valued at over $51 billion per year in southern Ontario alone.

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Conserving our wetlands

Ontario Nature Conference

The take-home message from the 2012 Ontario Wetland Conference, hosted by Ontario Nature and partners, is: Strong policy, good science and dynamic communication strategies will improve the state of Ontario’s wetlands. And yes, despite the loss of more than 70 percent of southern Ontario’s wetlands in the last 150 years, there’s hope.

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