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The moraine’s marvellous seasons


A black-capped chickadee perches on maple boughs, above the Oak Ridges Moraine’s mature pines at the Rice Lake Conservation Area.

The Oak Ridges Moraine is a fantastic place to explore in every season. With more than 50 parks, trails and protected areas across the moraine there are plenty of places to find serenity, explore and observe nature. More than 1,200 animal and plant species can be found on the Oak Ridges Moraine, including more than 75 species-at-risk.

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Herping in December

Green frog Peter Ferguson

On December 14th of last year, with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Celsius, my friend Jon and I participated in the Minden Christmas Bird Count in Haliburton County.

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Dreaming of spring birding

Prothonotary warbler credit Mdf

Photo: Prothonotary warbler by Mdf

Now that February is nearly over, I have excitedly started planning for spring migration.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved winter birding, and this winter has felt particularly rich and rewarding on the life bird front. The ducks have never been more wondrous, I’m thinking of you, wood duck! And I’ve enjoyed seeing American coots, mergansers of every persuasion, long tail ducks and elegant buffleheads. The owl sightings have been plentiful and magical: in addition to the snowy owl bonanza, I came face to face with a short-eared owl, whose pointed glare reminded me of my high school Latin teacher. A few weeks ago, a juvenile golden eagle even graced us with its unexpected presence in the Cayuga area.

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