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Turtle crossing: how to help injured turtles on Ontario roads

Credit: Gabriel Esler; CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Seven of Ontario’s eight turtle species are provincially at risk. By helping a turtle cross the road, you contribute to their conservation. But what if you spot a turtle that’s injured, or possibly dead? Check out our Q & A to help you take action during your travels.

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Top 4 reasons why vernal pools merit our attention on World Wetlands Day

Vernal Pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

Vernal pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

In honour of World Wetlands Day on February 2, let’s pay tribute to vernal pools. Due to their small size and transient nature, vernal pools are a type of wetland that is easily overlooked. While brimming with water in spring, they may be nothing more than a dry, isolated, depression on the forest floor by summer.

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Up with the birds: downtown danger

Glass reflecting nearby trees, photo courtesy of FLAP

Photo Credit: FLAP

Many birds migrate at night, guided by the stars and constellations. In Toronto, as in other North American cities, migrating birds are attracted to the lights left on overnight in downtown buildings. This often results in deadly collisions.

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Recipe for a Successful Garlic Mustard Pull

Friday October 23 marked Ontario Nature’s annual garlic mustard pull at our Lost Bay Nature Reserve near Gananoque. With the help of several Queen’s University students and volunteers from Willing Workers on Organic Farms, we filled three garbage bags with these stubborn plants that are threatening to invade the reserve.

Garlic mustard is an invasive plant that was introduced to Ontario by European settlers who valued its great taste and medicinal qualities. If this tenacious plant has shown up where you live, consider organizing a garlic mustard pull to keep it from spreading. And be sure to save some of the leaves to add to your favourite recipe, or check out ours for inspiration!

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