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Ode to Ontario Nature

Even though a grand adventure was on the horizon, I dreaded leaving Ontario Nature last month. On my last day, I was sappy one moment, numb the next. Let me explain …

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How to process a 45-pound snapping turtle in 10 (not so) easy steps

Step 1.  Scoop the turtle into your net. Step 2. Lift the turtle into your canoe. Word of warning – this is easier said than done. Be prepared to need the strength of two people, and bend at the knees … Continue reading

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Rattlesnake country

Most people try to avoid encounters with venomous reptiles, but that wasn’t the case for the team of Ontario Nature staff that I accompanied to the Bruce Peninsula last week. These herpetologists and avid naturalists ventured fearlessly across tall-grass meadows, … Continue reading

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Ode to Lost Bay

When was the last time you were so moved by a place and an experience in nature that you took the time to write about? When Catherine Jimenea, Ontario reptile and amphibian atlas assistant, signed-up for four days of turtling … Continue reading

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Province green lights hunting at-risk turtle

In complete disregard of a petition signed by more than 11,000 people and a report jointly released by Ontario Nature, the David Suzuki Foundation and the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) told us that hunting … Continue reading

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Is it ok to move turtle eggs?

People often ask Ontario Nature staff for advice about how to deal with situations that they encounter in nature. Whether putting out a bird feeder, planting native flowers or grasses, or choosing not to cut down the trees on your … Continue reading

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It’s not ok to hunt turtles

Question: How is it that the Ontario government can include snapping turtles on the provincial endangered species list while at the same time allowing, and even encouraging, the hunting of these long-lived reptiles? Staff ecologist John Urquhart wondered this too, … Continue reading

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