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To Bee or not to Bee: Stratford’s Ethan Elliott Brings Bee City Home

Ethan Elliott

Ethan Elliot— a student and member of Ontario Nature’s Youth Council, has a knack for making things happen. It is no surprise that he has been able to convince his hometown of Stratford to become Ontario’s second Bee City.

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How AWARE Simcoe won federal protection for the Nottawasaga River

Montgomery Rapids

Montgomery Rapids in winter; Credit:Gary Christie c/o Nottawasaga Steelheaders

We at AWARE Simcoe recently learned that a campaign we started in 2013 had borne fruit: the Navigation Protection Act (NPA) had been amended to include protection for the Nottawasaga River, largely because the people who used and cherished the river demanded it.

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Top 4 reasons why vernal pools merit our attention on World Wetlands Day

Vernal Pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

Vernal pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

In honour of World Wetlands Day on February 2, let’s pay tribute to vernal pools. Due to their small size and transient nature, vernal pools are a type of wetland that is easily overlooked. While brimming with water in spring, they may be nothing more than a dry, isolated, depression on the forest floor by summer.

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Enter the Lost World of the Future Sydenham River Nature Reserve


Since 1961, we’ve been protecting significant natural areas in Ontario within our nature reserve system. With 24 properties totalling 6,890 acres, the system preserves some of the province’s best remaining examples of imperilled and vulnerable habitats. This year, we’re focused on saving another spectacular piece of land that will become Ontario Nature’s first riverine nature reserve!

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