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Turtle crossing: how to help injured turtles on Ontario roads

Credit: Gabriel Esler; CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Seven of Ontario’s eight turtle species are provincially at risk. By helping a turtle cross the road, you contribute to their conservation. But what if you spot a turtle that’s injured, or possibly dead? Check out our Q & A to help you take action during your travels.

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On Giving Tuesday, Help us Stop the Loss, Ontario!


With more than 200 species in Ontario currently recognized as at-risk, the biological richness that makes Ontario so special is in jeopardy. On Giving Tuesday (December 1st), help us stop the loss, Ontario!

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What we can do to help birds

pine warbler, credit: Laura Young

I recently did something I never imagined I would do. I went to bird camp. Last month, I spent a week studying fall migration at Hog Island Audubon bird camp on the coast of Maine. Led by renowned naturalist and writer Scott Weidensaul, the week in Maine made me rethink my relationship with birds.

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Is it ok to move turtle eggs?

Snapping turtle hatchling; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

Snapping turtle hatchling; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

People often ask Ontario Nature staff for advice about how to deal with situations that they encounter in nature. Whether putting out a bird feeder, planting native flowers or grasses, or choosing not to cut down the trees on your property, people are on the front lines of local conservation efforts more often than you might realize.

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