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Choose Your Own Adventure: Exploring Ontario Nature’s Nature Reserves

Sydenham River Nature Reserve; Credit: Smera Sukumar

Ontario Nature’s 25 nature reserves have a lot to offer explorers in southern and eastern Ontario. I’ve crafted the following dichotomous key (a field guide tool that helps identify unknown organisms) to help you decide which of our nature reserves to visit this summer.

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Top 4 reasons why vernal pools merit our attention on World Wetlands Day

Vernal Pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

Vernal pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

In honour of World Wetlands Day on February 2, let’s pay tribute to vernal pools. Due to their small size and transient nature, vernal pools are a type of wetland that is easily overlooked. While brimming with water in spring, they may be nothing more than a dry, isolated, depression on the forest floor by summer.

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An Introduction to the Forest Stewardship Council

Boreal Forest, Credit: Gregor Beck

boreal forest, credit: Gregor Beck

From my first day with Ontario Nature, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has been a big part of my work. Though I was familiar with FSC certification, my knowledge was limited to associating the green “check tree” logo with environmentally conscious paper products. My involvement with FSC over the past year opened my eyes to what the certification represents and how important it is for the future of forests around the world.

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Why Caribou-t it?


For decades biologists have been observing declines in woodland caribou across Canada and much effort has been put into understanding caribou range retraction and population loss. As Canadians we are attracted to woodland caribou because of their beauty and elusiveness and have granted them national icon status. Their loss is our loss, which is why Canadians care about protecting woodland caribou.

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Mind the data gap

Eastern newt photo by Joe Crowley.

Eastern newt photo by Joe Crowley.

For decades, biologists across Ontario have been collecting data on amphibians and reptiles, collectively referred to as herpetofauna. Today these records are included in the Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas (ORAA).

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