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To Bee or not to Bee: Stratford’s Ethan Elliott Brings Bee City Home

Ethan Elliott

Ethan Elliot— a student and member of Ontario Nature’s Youth Council, has a knack for making things happen. It is no surprise that he has been able to convince his hometown of Stratford to become Ontario’s second Bee City.

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Top 4 reasons why vernal pools merit our attention on World Wetlands Day

Vernal Pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

Vernal pool; Credit: Scott Gillingwater

In honour of World Wetlands Day on February 2, let’s pay tribute to vernal pools. Due to their small size and transient nature, vernal pools are a type of wetland that is easily overlooked. While brimming with water in spring, they may be nothing more than a dry, isolated, depression on the forest floor by summer.

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Who Cares About Wetlands?

Paddle from Four Mile Lake to Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve; Credit: Kawartha Field Naturalists

As it turns out, you do.

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Festival celebrates butterflies despite unprecedented decline in numbers

monarch and black swallowtail butterflies, credit: Noah Cole

monarch and black swallowtail butterflies, credit: Noah Cole

Nature enthusiasts have noted fewer monarch and swallowtail butterflies this year. This certainly has been my experience. I saw six swallowtails during the earlier days of summer, which is far fewer than in previous years. Likewise, by late summer, I would have easily seen over a dozen monarch butterflies. Yet, this year, locally along the Don Valley and at Tommy Thompson Park, I have seen just over a half dozen.

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