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Toronto’s Hidden Gem: Rouge National Park

Deer in Reesor Wetland, Credit: Jim Robb

Deer in Reesor Wetland, Credit: Jim Robb

The Rouge National Park is the 79.1 km2 of publicly owned land that surrounds the Rouge River. This park is situated in close proximity to 20 percent of Canada’s population and is home to more than 1,700 species of flora and fauna.

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How to grow native plants to help protect pollinators

Credit: Colleen Dempster

Growing native wildflowers from seed is fun and rewarding. It beautifies your backyard in an ecologically-friendly way and can be done for little start-up cost and maintenance! Here are five simple steps you can take to turn your native wildflower seeds into a backyard oasis for yourself and the wildlife that visits.

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Expanding and improving habitat along Bauman Creek: a cold-water stream restoration story


The channelized portion of Bauman Creek immediately downstream of Blair Road in Cambridge, where the water first enters Blair Flats. Credit: J. McDonald

With the support of the Loblaw Water Fund, rare undertook a restoration of Bauman Creek, a cold water stream located on rare property.

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Antler flies and the moose antler – an ecosystem unto itself!


You’re out for a walk in the woods and come across a dropped moose antler. In your excitement you pick-up the hefty piece of bone and think about taking it home, mounting it on your wall, placing it on the mantelpiece, or stashing it in the garage to collect dust, but is that really a good idea?

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The Science in Saving the Massasauga Rattlesnake

This exclusive screening was produced by Ryan Mariotti and Mariotti Visuals, for more great videos visit Ontario Nature’s YouTube channel.

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