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To Bee or not to Bee: Stratford’s Ethan Elliott Brings Bee City Home

Ethan Elliott

Ethan Elliot— a student and member of Ontario Nature’s Youth Council, has a knack for making things happen. It is no surprise that he has been able to convince his hometown of Stratford to become Ontario’s second Bee City.

In taking this step, Stratford has committed to promoting and celebrating pollinator protection. The Bee City program represents a huge opportunity to raise awareness about the significance of pollinators in our lives.

brown belted bumblebee on culvers root; credit: Diana Troya

brown belted bumblebee on culvers root; credit: Diana Troya

Since Youth Council member Mariel Lepra first brought the plight of bees and other pollinators to our attention in 2014, the Youth Council has been campaigning for pollinator protection and awareness in Ontario.

The Ontario Nature Youth Council at the 2016 Youth Summit; Credit: Brendan Toews

The Ontario Nature Youth Council at the 2016 Youth Summit; Credit: Brendan Toews

Bee City has taken the campaign to a new level. Inspired by the Bee City Canada mission, as well as Ethan’s leadership, we are moving forward with plans to bring Bee City programs to other schools and municipalities across the province.

Claire S, Jenny, Claire R, Ethan - bee costumes

It’s not every day that someone as young as Ethan has such a strong, positive influence on an entire city. I feel very lucky to have met and worked with Ethan through Ontario Nature’s Youth Council, and it’s safe to say that sentiment is widely shared. Ethan is a rare combination of a thinker and a doer; every time the Youth Council meets, he brings forward new ideas and new plans with incredible enthusiasm and drive. He never hesitates to jump in and offer support wherever he can, and like any good leader, he is quick to engage others.

Congratulations Ethan. We’re proud of you!

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  1. Lillian Perigoe

    Love being in Stratford (true for many years!) – will love it even more in support of this important work. Thanks…

  2. Leslie

    Awesome and important leadership demonstrated by these young people! I look forward to receiving your emails and supporting this group.

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