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An aerial perspective overlooking the Oak Ridges Moraine, Credit: Bill Lishman

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Decisions on the future of the Greenbelt are about to be made

The Premier and Cabinet are about to make final decisions on the updated Oak Ridges Moraine, Greenbelt, Niagara Escarpment and Growth Plans. They have a big choice to make: protect water sources, sensitive natural areas, and farmland in and around the Greenbelt or allow developers to pave over these areas for years to come.

In recent months there has been a campaign of misinformation being led by a handful of developers through media campaigns and anonymous websites. They have said that there’s not enough land available for development. They are not telling the truth.

Research shows that there is more than 104,000 hectares (that’s the size of 1 ½ Torontos) already available within the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) for future development. More is not needed. On top of that, a report released earlier this month by the Neptis Foundation showed that loopholes in the revised Growth Plan would direct inappropriate development to rural towns across the Oak Ridges Moraine, Greenbelt and throughout the GGH (see our Press Release).

We need your help to urge the Premier to stand up for the Greenbelt and stop sprawl for good!

Sign the letter below and urge the government to stand up for the Greenbelt and stop sprawl for good. The decisions made now will have a lasting impact for our water, nature and communities. Please ask the Premier to make the right decision!

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Josh Wise_ Aug 2013_135Joshua Wise is Ontario Nature’s Greenway Program Manager