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Disconnecting From Technology


Credit: Victoria Shi

As a Grade 11 student, I see the major impact that technology has on my generation. Technology has allowed communication to become easier, but I realize that at times, many teens overuse it. This results in a disconnection with the world around them and a lack of desire to go outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature around us.

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Birds galore at the St. Catharines Christmas Bird Count


Peninsula Field Naturalists and this wordsmith volunteering at the 2016 St. Catharines Area Christmas Bird Count.

There are more than 100 Christmas Bird Counts in Ontario planned, of which more than 65 are affiliated with our Nature Network groups. This year, because of its diverse overwintering species and diverse habitat, I chose to volunteer and participate in the St. Catharines Area Christmas Bird Count, coordinated by members of the Peninsula Field Naturalists.

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A Taste of Nature

Most of us have experienced forest foods, whether we’ve collected fiddleheads or picked wild raspberries as a trailside snack. Ontario Nature’s recent “Foraging Week” events in Thunder Bay expanded on these experiences, showing participants how easy it is to find and use wild foods from our northern forests. As one Indigenous blueberry picker told us, “If it’s good for the bears, it’s good for us!”

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Last minute Halloween costumes inspired by Ontario’s native plants


Don’t worry if you’ve left your Halloween costume planning to the last minute – I can help. This year, I’ve been inspired by Ontario’s native wildflowers to create simple Halloween costumes you can make at home.

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Fantastic Fungi Photo Contest Follow-up


Thank you to all who submitted photos to our Fabulous Fungi photo contest! The results are in and we’d like to congratulate Maria Romanova and Bill Brown for their winning images!

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