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Protect whitebelt headwaters

Carruthers creek on a sunny summers day

Carruthers Creek; Credit: c/o the Town of Ajax

The Ontario government is proposing to expand the Greenbelt to protect water for future generations. Why then has it excluded the headwaters of rivers and streams in the ‘whitebelt’ from consideration?

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The Greenbelt hits a brick wall in the east

Lake Iroquois

Lake Iroquois Plain – shown in green – rings Lake Ontario.

Hearts of the conservation-minded rose when the provincial government unveiled its recent study of Greenbelt expansion. Communities are now rallying to support growing the Greenbelt to take in water-protecting landforms such as the Oro and Orangeville moraines. But there are big let-downs in the east.

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On World Wetlands Day, help protect Ontario’s wetlands

Minesing Wetland; Credit Richard Longley, Architectural Conservancy Ontario

Minesing Wetland; Credit Richard Longley, Architectural Conservancy Ontario

On World Wetlands Day taking action to protect wetlands is literally at your fingertips. Wetlands are one of the building blocks of Ontario’s proposed Greenbelt expansion and public consultations are underway.

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It’s cool to be cold: the importance of coldwater streams

Credit: Steven Edwards

The Government of Ontario has identified coldwater streams as a building block for Greenbelt expansion. Here’s why that makes sense.

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The importance of community voices in natural heritage systems planning

Credit: Deb Fraser; c/o EcoSpark

Currently, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is seeking feedback on how it will develop a natural heritage system for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH). If we want clean air, clean water and a rich diversity of plant and animal life to sustain present and future generations, we need a strong natural heritage system that is created through thoughtful and meaningful community engagement.

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