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Birds galore at the St. Catharines Christmas Bird Count


Peninsula Field Naturalists and this wordsmith volunteering at the 2016 St. Catharines Area Christmas Bird Count.

There are more than 100 Christmas Bird Counts in Ontario planned, of which more than 65 are affiliated with our Nature Network groups. This year, because of its diverse overwintering species and diverse habitat, I chose to volunteer and participate in the St. Catharines Area Christmas Bird Count, coordinated by members of the Peninsula Field Naturalists.

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Explore the Sydenham: Test your knowledge of this biological treasure!


The future Sydenham River Nature Reserve is located in Canada’s Carolinian region — one of the most biodiverse regions in Canada. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about this unique property and the surrounding region.

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Debunking Cormorant Myths

Double-crested cormorants, Credit: larry Jordan CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Double-crested cormorants, Credit: Larry Jordan CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I was very disturbed to learn about a proposed provincial law, Bill 205, which has support from all parties. If passed, the bill will allow the indiscriminate hunting and trapping of double-crested cormorants, lifting their current protection under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act of 1997.

Here are three myths about cormorants that need busting before the government considers passing Bill 205.

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Test your birding chops


As summer winds to a close, birds will be making their way from Ontario to their overwintering habitats. Test your skill in identifying some of the bird species that are getting ready to make the trek with our new bird identification quiz.

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Simple Window Treatments to Stop Residential Bird Strikes

Canada warbler, credit: Robert McCaw

Canada warbler, credit: Robert McCaw

In one month last fall, I heard the heartbreaking thud of six birds hitting windows at my home. I care about birds, so I decided to do something.

The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) estimates that 100 million to 1 billion North American birds are killed annually in collisions with windows. Residential homes are the biggest hazard. They kill or injure more songbirds than all other buildings combined.

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More than 500 birds at the Westport Christmas Bird Count


Photo Credit: Noah Cole

Christmas Bird Counts are a great way to explore the province and get to know your community while collecting important data. On December 14th, I joined the Westport Christmas Bird Count, hosted by the Kingston Field Naturalists.

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Birds of Winter Photo Contest


With the winter holidays just around the corner, we’re celebrating with the start of our Birds of Winter Photo Contest!

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Avian adventures in eastern Ontario

juvenile Cooper's hawk, Credit: Dawn Huczek CC BY 2.0

juvenile Cooper’s hawk, Credit: Dawn Huczek CC BY 2.0

Eastern Ontario is famous for wildlife viewing – especially birdwatching – in autumn. Not only do enthusiasts enjoy inspiring fall colours, there are plenty of places to see birds heading south. Shorebirds, songbirds and raptors are on the wing, and many species have already been spotted migrating. Even on casual tours, visitors can see dozens of species all within a single day.

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