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About Joe Crowley

Joe Crowley is Ontario Nature's Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Coordinator.

Snake Secrets

August 19-20, 2010 I was just pointing out a snapping turtle that had crawled up from under the bank of the creek on one of our nature reserves when someone shouted “snake!” It was an eastern gartersnake, the most common … Continue reading


Amazing Pelee Island

May 22-24, 2010 Pelee Island is great.  Perfect for my research because several species of snakes that are listed as endangered in Ontario live there: the blue racer, Lake Erie watersnake and eastern foxsnake. In fact, Pelee Island is the … Continue reading


Meet the bloggers: Joe Crowley

Joe Crowley – Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Coordinator Joe joined Ontario Nature in April 2008 and coordinates the Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas program. Joe completed a B.Sc. in 2003 and an M.Sc. in zoology in 2006. An experienced … Continue reading

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