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Protecting wild species and wild spaces since 1931

Enter the Lost World of the Future Sydenham River Nature Reserve


Since 1961, we’ve been protecting significant natural areas in Ontario within our nature reserve system. With 24 properties totalling 6,890 acres, the system preserves some of the province’s best remaining examples of imperilled and vulnerable habitats. This year, we’re focused on saving another spectacular piece of land that will become Ontario Nature’s first riverine nature reserve!

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Time to ban the snapping turtle hunt

Snapping turtle, Credit: James Paterson

Snapping turtle, Credit: James Paterson

Snapping turtles are easy to recognize. They have a spiky tail like a little stegosaurus, and always fascinated me as a child. So I was troubled to learn that anyone with a fishing license can hunt them in Ontario. The federal government’s proposed new management plan for snapping turtles is an opportunity to finally ban the snapping turtle hunt, but so far it has come up short.

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3 take-aways on neonics and pollinators


Photo credit: Virescent green metallic bee/Leslie Bol

On April 19, I woke up early, and braved the busy highways of the GTA to get to a very important conference. The International Task Force on Systemic Pesticides, a group comprising 53 scientists from around the world, all working to study the environmental and health impacts of systemic pesticides, were presenting their research at York University.

Having been involved with the Ontario Nature Youth Council’s pollinator campaign, I was keen to learn about the issues of pesticide induced pollinator decline from this conference. Here are three things I learned at the symposium that I’d like to share.

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Greenbelt expansion is a legacy achievement – but it needs to be bigger and bolder

green field east gwillimbury area

On Tuesday, I headed to Mississauga’s Credit River for the governement’s announcement on their proposed amendments to the plans that protect the Greenbelt, Oak Ridges Moraine, and Niagara Escarpment, and guide growth in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH).

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Our Special Spaces – Acting Now for Pollinators

Credit: Daynan Lepore

Credit: Daynan Lepore

Slacktivism is defined as “actions performed via the Internet in support of a social, political or environmental cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement.”

Sound familiar? I admit – I’ve been guilty of slacktivism.

In the digital era, when activism can often be reduced to a simple click of a mouse, Ontario Nature’s Youth Council seeks to put the ‘act’ back into activism with their 2016 Our Special Spaces events. These youth aren’t satisfied with simply signing petitions or ‘liking’ a Facebook page – they’re initiating change.

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